Welcome to Aikido Goshinkai

Founder Michael Williams Sensei

Lineage and history

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All classes are now held at Bracken Ridge.

The Uniting Church Hall,

Bracken Str.

Bracken Ridge.

Instructor Mac White Sensei Nidan.


Saturday 9am - 11 am.

Wednesday 7-9 pm.

Children's class 6-7pm Wednesday.

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Congratulations to Ethan and Lachlan with their Yellow Belt grading

Congratulations to Suzanne on achieving her Yellow belt.

A very warm welcome to Chris a former student colleague of mine.
Chris who is a Shodan in aikido is now a member of our club.

We also welcome Troy and Cozette. Troy is a Hakama senior with fourteen years experience in aikido.

How can we know when we are relaxed? Through simple co-ordinated energy tests with feedback from your instructor during the exercise.

All ages and gender practice equally.

Developed from ancient martial arts Aikido is a non-aggressive, non-competitive and purely defensive art. Physical strength plays no part as resolving conflict in a non violent way is one of the aims of Aikido.

Each student practises to his or her own level of fitness. We practise mind and body co-ordination, relaxation and calmness. Students over time will learn the skills required to engage in dynamic exercises.

Elisabeth Andel Sensei and Katherine Schnell Sensei

Lake Ainsworth Seminar 2014

Michael Williams Sensei

"To injure an opponent is to injure yourself. To control aggression without inflicting injury is the art of Peace."

O Sensei (1883-1969)

Come on this journey into the world of Aikido