At the Dojo

Bring a water bottle.

Be prepared to relax and enjoy your self.

Have an open mind.

Come to the class early.

Have a clean body.

Wear light clothing (track suit pants and tee- shirt.)

Gi uniforms must be clean and pressed in order to come on the mat.

Remove jewellery, tie long hair back (safety).

Have a pair of thongs or shoes to wear from change room to the mat.

All new participants must read and sign a Waiver form before coming onto the mat.

Class exercises

Light stretching and break falling.

Mind and body co-ordination.

Aikido arts.

20 minutes ( individual)

Blending and entering

20 minutes (with partner changes)

Ki testing

20 minutes (with partner changes)

Mind And Body Co-ordination Principles

(1) Think Of Your Centre

(2) Completely Relax

(3) Have A Light Posture

(4) Extend Your Mind

Ki Aikido Principles

(1) Extending Your Mind

(2) Know Your Partner's Mind

(3) Respect Your Partner's ki

(4) Put Yourself In Your Partner's Place

(5) Perform With Confidence

The most important part of our training is safety and the observation of these principles will contribute towards this aspect.

At all times students need to feel comfortable carrying out the arts and forms of Aikido particularly with rolling and break falls. If in doubt don't - talk to your Sensei.

I hold a current first aid certificate no: QLD 616615.

Families are welcome. I hold a blue card no. 522063/3

New students and beginners will receive introductory training in accordance with the nine aikido principles out lined above. All training strictly in accordance with Goshinkai syllabus.

Regular training and commitment will enable all students to reach their goals within reasonable time frames.

As teacher I offer you my time, patience and perseverance.