After fourteen years at my former Bald Hills club the opportunity to run my own dojo arose.

Bracken Ridge Uniting Church is the location for my new independent club training under the Aikido Goshinkai Syllabus.

I was fortunate to have three very good teachers during my years at Bald Hills.

Beau Mc Guffie Sensei, Joe Hansen Sensei, and Chris Hall Sensei.


Shodan 2006

Nidan 2008

I practised TaeKwonDo ( free style) for brown belt 1992-2001. Foil and Sabre fencing for four years (1997-2001). Aikido has enabled me to let go of these fighting aspects and continues to provide me with the challenge of renewed learning.

Since then I have pursued the following studies:

Bachelor of Arts ( UQ 2009 )

Permaculture Design Certificate - Northey Street City Farm (2010)

Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture - Nutri-Tech Solutions (2014)