Student Classes

Saturdays 9 am- 11 am at Carseldine

Wednesdays 7 pm- 9 pm at Bracken Ridge

Children's classes 6-7pm Phone first.

You are welcome to come and watch. Your first two classes are free

Class adults $10.00

Young students $8.00

Club MEMBERSHIP $40.00 any time within first three months.

Included in the Aikido lessons are learning techniques on how to the use weapons. These are used primarily to practice ki extension. There are four basic patterns practised individually and there are numerous interactive forms of defence. These items including uniforms can be purchased through the club.

From top down , Shinai, Jo, Tanto, and Bokken.

The aspiration of this club.

In addition to teaching our aim is to develop a small Aikido community wherein all students, families, and friends are invited to share in grading celebrations and social gatherings.

There will be opportunities to visit other clubs and seminars. We will invite guest teachers to our club as and when the opportunity arises.

Once we start achieving surpluses above operating costs, that money will be used by our Akido club community for the above mentioned activities.